Geek Dynamics mentorships are based on an approach to software development team dynamics that acknowledges the creativity of team members, along with their desire for self-expression, their need for strong communication skills, and their search for a suitable software development methodology.

Geek Dynamics addresses not only the needs of Software Developers (coders, testers, or DevOps) but also the role of User Experience/User Interface Designers (UX/UI), Program or Project Managers, Technical Writers, Operations staff (DevOps pipeline, CI/CD), and both phone and desk-side Support personnel. These roles can be individually assisted by this program, or the needs of the software development team can be addressed as a whole with a combination of participants.

COVID-19 and Working from Home

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to businesses and individuals alike. Frankly, we don't yet know how long our worklife will be altered, and what the new normal will be. Working from home under these conditions isn't the same as it was before: it is much more difficult. The Geek Dynamics program discusses ways to virtually keep your teams together while they work physically separated. In addition, we discuss how to plan for the new normal.


Although software development is regarded as a branch of engineering, it is a discipline requiring creativity and originality. Those characteristics are not generally taken into account when determining how to motivate and reward productivity from team members.


Software development teams also seek self-expression not only in the form of software releases, but also the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements to their peers and to customers directly. Acknowledging and encouraging that expression can be highly motivating.


On-the-job communication skills are rarely emphasized during software training courses and degree programs, but those skills are in fact an essential part of daily life and long-term career success. The Geek Dynamics program includes an examination and refinement of peer-to-peer communications and employee-to-manager communications, plus cross-team communication skill development.


Geek Dynamics includes principles found in the Agile/Scrum methodology, but borrows ideas and approaches from other disciplines. The goal is to find the software development approach that works for your organization. The end results are happy, highly motivated, well-functioning teams.

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